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Understanding Mid Century Decor

Mid century designs are coming back to life seeing as many millennials today prefer them in terms of clothes, home design and even furniture. Mid-century modernism is trending, especially in real estate because it sticks to the principles of good design, such that form and function go hand in hand. Mid-century modernism can be traced to the period after World War II with the returning veterans in search of things to help them put all they had witnessed behind them.

Through their compensation from the world war, they were able to create what is now known as the American dream. The period succeeding the world war saw architectural designs such as the attached garage with a lot of Americans looking for adventure as well as new opportunities. It is highly important for you to have an understanding of mid-century terms if you are to sell a mid-century home to the millennials. In this article, we look at some of these terms.

Art deco is the first term we will be looking at. The use of minimalist colour pallets is what is known as art decor and it can be traced back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It is mainly associated with jazz and you should not fail to mention it to potential buyers each time you are showing a mid-century home.

Another mid-century modernism term is cantilevered. People from the nineteenth century were aware of cantilevers, seeing as they were used in structures such as bridges at the time. Cantilevered structures tend to rely more on tension and hinge points as opposed to ground support and are a great selling point for the mid-century homes with the millennials.

Bungalows are also part of the trending mid century modernism as they were common in the mid-century. Bungalows are small houses, slightly away from the road and have a porch.

Fourthly, you should be aware of the term clerestory. Mid-century modernism involved a lot of glass so as to let in as much natural light as possible into homes. Windows that extend up to the roofline are what is known as clerestory.

Ensure that you lay emphasis on mid century colors so as to make a fast sale if you are selling a mid-century home. Mustard yellow, burnt umber, emerald green, rose pink and burgundy are some of the most common mid-century colors.

Just like in modern day architecture, mid century involved the use of innovation when it came to building supplies. Mid-century homes were decorated using sculpted plastics. Fiberglass was also paired with glass and chrome so as to create the elegant look associated with mid-century homes.