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Fun Games and Activities That Alzheimer’s Patients Can Participate in to Stay Happy and Active

Alzheimer is a condition that makes the patient forget easily and get anxious, and with time the number of patients is expected to grow. When this condition is diagnosed early and taken care of properly you help your loved live a long better happy life from the symptoms of the illness. There are fun activities that can help the Alzheimer patients stay active and happy, and they will not face the disease symptoms that make them unhappy. Below are some of the fun games and activities that Alzheimer’s patients can participate in to stay active and happy.

One of the games that the Alzheimer association recommends for the patient to play is the Sudoku puzzle game. Sudoku puzzle gives them the challenge of numbers, and this keeps them active as they try to figure out the next number which is a very effective way of lowering the risks of dementia.

You can also set up an indoor golf game for your loved one to play at the comfort of the home. The patient can play standing or sitting, and they will get entertained with the scores they make, and that is how you help them keep depression out of their way.

There is a game app designed for Alzheimer patients called clever mind, and it helps help the patients keep their brain active. It has great features like voice communication where they can use it to navigate around the app.

Take time to help your loved one put a puzzle together and keep them occupied, and at the end, you will be helping them keep their brain active and avoid facing the illness symptoms. Try to help your loved one get some beautiful memories about their lives by using certain images as the background of the puzzle game you play, and they will push away all the anxiety and depression that they are facing.

The go fish game is a great way to help your loved one use their memories and make decisions, and it is beneficial in boosting their brain engagement.

Music is also another fun thing that can help your patient have a positive feeling so choose a selection from their time and listen together with them. To help them, even more, have them sing along the music, and they will be happy.

The Alzheimer patient can also participate in art activities like making jewelry, and it is a great therapy as it helps distract them to positive thinking.

A crossword puzzle is also another good way to help Alzheimer patients keep active and also help them keep their memories sharp.

These games for the Alzheimer patients focus more on memory, and you can read more here about the other features found in a community care facility.