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Different Cases Of Mistaken Identities.

The current research displays that there are numerous people who have gone through many cases of their identity taken from them. The problem has been more encouraged by the advancements in technology and the rate in which people rely on it. The matters did not start with the introduction of Internet, but even before this, there were other cases of mistaken identities. This useful post will take you through some cases of mistaken identities that have affected various people in the World. The cases of pooling in politics will be the first discussion in this useful post. A case in point involves Robert P. Casey A Pennsylvania governer.

He was the favorite for many people as a politician in the democratic party for the treasurer position. Coincidentally, the governor did not run for the treasurer position where another individual with a similar name run and was elected to the position having spent much less in the campaign. The name of the one who runs is known as Robert E. Casey, and he was taken to be the governor.

The governor mistaken identity cases did not end there as when he decided to run for lieutenant governor and a man with a similar name also run he lost to the man die to the confusion. The mix up cost the real Casey so much having lost after the campaign, but he was able to run again and won with the name the real Robert Casey committee. A case of a tragic twist is also discussed in this useful post. There was a tractor that hit a van that was ferrying Taylor University students.

In the van were the two students by the name Whitney a crusher and Ryn who was a senior student in the institution. The mix up came up when the Whitney parents were informed that their daughter had died and that Ryn was in the hospital with severe injuries. The one who was dead was buried by Whitney parents, and the Ryn family continued to visit the hospital until they saw some discrepancies in the girl. They then decided to ask her name, and the girl was Whitney and not their daughter.

In this useful post, we will also have a look at the walking dead mix up which involved Jeremy Lee Bass. Bass was called to be informed that his some had died but knowing that he did not have a son, he knew it was a mix up. They had confused him with Jeremy Charles Bass. The hospital had billed his wife for his death back when he had visited the hospital, and the same mix up occurred. Looking at this useful post you can see how the mix up can hurt and bring a lot of pain and other issues.